Sharon High Seeks Quiz Show Return

One year after reaching semifinals, SHS among 91 schools competing Sunday for the 16 spots on the WGBH program.

first year in WGBH's High School Quiz Show ended in the Eastern Mass. semifinals.

Sunday, Sharon students compete for a second shot at the state title.

WGBH's Brighton studio will host teams from 91 Massachusetts public high schools in a "Super Sunday" contest.

The highest-scoring 16 teams of four students on a 100-question quiz will compete in the single-elimination tournament, hosted by Billy Costa, WGBH said in a press release.

WGBH will begin taping the contests in January, with the show premiering Feb. 12, WGBH said.

Last year, Sharon lost to Hamilton-Wenham in the semifinal round, 295-210. Sharon defeatedin the opening round, 475-165. Sharon then defeated the , 455-405.

Each game features four rounds: toss-up, where each correct answer earns 10 points, but teams aren't penalized for incorrect answers; head-to-head, pitting one player from each team against each other for 90 seconds, with each correct and incorrect answer worth 10 points; categories, featuring six categories of five questions of increasing value; and the 90-second lightning round, with each correct and incorrect answer worth 20 points.

Sharon's team included then-senior Nishanth Iyengar, sophomores Matt Corman and Frank Zhou and freshman Siddharth Singh. Sophomores Hari Anbarasu and Pittayut Phonboon were the alternates.

ES Sodbinow October 26, 2011 at 02:46 PM
Actually, Sharon High reached the Eastern MA semifinals.


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