Mansfield Boys Basketball Beats Sharon 70-51

Mansfield boys' basketball team played well offensively and defensively against Sharon Friday.

The Mansfield High boys' basketball team soundly defeated Sharon, 70-51, at home on Friday in a game that was totally about depth of play.

“This will be the first year since I started at least that we always play all 10 guys,” Mansfield head coach Michael Vaughan said. “It gives us energy off the bench… You know that they’re going to make some plays to stay out there and I think that was a huge luxery for us.”

While Mansfield’s Ryan Boulter led the game with 19 total points (with five three-pointers), Sharon’s Brian Mukasa wasn’t far behind with 17 total points (three three-pointers).

Sharon started the game off strong, but was unable to come out of the half with any force.

“We’re a little outmanned right now, we’ve got a couple of guys out on injuries, said Sharon High head coach Bruce Jackman. "That’s not an excuse, Mansfield is a quality quality team. I think we gave it a real good run in the first half we were playing very well, but we couldn’t match their intensity in the second half.”

Sharon ended the half down by eight at 30-23, in three minutes of the third quarter only scored one point, while Mansfield kept up the pace. This was the crucial quarter of the game, as Sharon only scored five points, as opposed to Mansfield’s 19.

Sharon had the opportunities, but could not keep a steady rhythm.

Sharon and Mansfield kept up a steady pace in the fourth, but Mansfield was already ahead by 20 points during both quarters, it was difficult for Sharon to make enough turnovers. The game ended 70-51 for a Mansfield win.

“I thought in the third quarter when we came out of the locker room our whole focus for the first four minutes,” Vaughan said. “I thought we played exceptionally well. We may have gotten more rebounds in the first half, but they weren’t quality rebounds. They were just out of bounds, balls deflected out of play, we might have got them, but we can’t score on transition if we can’t hit that.”

Mansfield’s Boulter had the most amount points during the game at 19, followed by Brendan Hill with 13. Ryan “Rocky” Deandre had 11, Michael Boen had four, Kyle Wisnieski had two, Kevin Conner had six, Gregory Romanko had six and Zach Wisnieski had two points.

Sharon’s Mukasa had 17 points, Kevin Bartas had ten points, Adam Dubrow had five points, Brian Lawrence had seven points, Ade Bright had four points and Toby Modebelu had two points.


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