His Sharon High Basketball Record Will be a Block-buster

Senior tri-captain Sam D'Arcy is poised to break the Eagles' season record for blocked shots.

Sam D'Arcy wants to major in computer science in college.

Lately, though, it's blocked shots that are adding up for the Sharon High School varsity boys basketball senior tri-captain and center.

D'Arcy should break the Eagles' season record of 85, set in 2000, head coach Bruce Jackman says. D'Arcy has 75 blocks entering Sharon's Hockomock Crossover Classic game at Attleboro, at 6:30 tonight. He has had 10 blocks twice this season: Jan. 31 at Canton, and Feb. 7 against Foxborough.

D'Arcy says shot blocking has "been the one aspect of my game that's been pretty consistent since Travel (basketball)." But, "it's not like I have a mindset of 'I've got to get a block.' It's just a reaction."

And the bottom line for D'Arcy is that basketball is just fun.

"I'm a computer guy," he said before practice earlier this week.

"I don't watch basketball. I don't watch sports, really. I'm not a sports guy."

D'Arcy and Jackman both say his improved strength and conditioning have been factors.

"The weight room has helped tremendously," D'Arcy says.

"I've really gotten stronger, faster."

Jackman says the team put D'Arcy on a program last spring and summer.

"He did all his work on his own," Jackman says.

"He was in there every day, lifting weights. He was on a running program (and) an agility program, and he's made himself into what he is now."

D'Arcy is a "quiet leader," Jackman says.

"Everything defensively runs around him," the coach says.

"We funnel everything down the outside to him. People outside can make a mistake defensively in their assignments, and they know they have Sam to back them up."

Jackman says he "always knew he was capable of playing defense."

"I didn't think he was going to be as good as he is this year," Jackman says.

"He took it to another level. He did all the work himself."

D'Arcy gives an assist to playing for the Sharon High Bad Clams, the school's Ultimate Disc A-team.

"My timing got better from the Ultimate season," says D'Arcy, a state high school Ultimate Division 1 All-Star last spring.

"That's a huge help. Because my job in Ultimate is to jump and catch it down the field."


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