Timilty Leaning Toward Voting Against Cell Phone Driving Ban

The state senator spoke in Sharon today.

is leaning toward voting against prohibiting cell phone use while driving.

Timilty (D-Walpole) told the Over 60 Men's Club today that such a ban could "lead to some infringement on my personal rights."

He anticipates voting on the measure this spring.

"I don't know that it's going to pass," Timilty said at the .

"I would bet that it's very close."

"Where do you draw the line on when can I tune my radio?" Timilty added.

Timilty answered questions for about 60 minutes during the men's club's weekly speaker session.

Besides the cell phone issue, questions were asked about such topics as the proposed Foxborough casino, and Timilty's support for the local humanities.

Police can pull drivers over for distracted driving now, Timilty said. And texting while driving is illegal, he noted.

"Driving isn't a right. It's a privilege," said Timilty, whose Senate district includes: Attleboro's ward 3, precinct B, ward 4, precincts A and B, ward 5, precincts A and B, ward 6, precincts A and B; Mansfield; Norton; Rehoboth; Seekonk; and Dover; Foxborough; Medfield; Sharon, precincts 1, 4 and 5; and Walpole.


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