Sharon Health Board Serves Public Pot Luck Supper Menu

Information sheet available at Sharon health office.

Groups planning public pot luck suppers might visit before their kitchen.

The board of health's new two-page information sheet is available.

Page one answers five questions about state and federal regulations for public pot luck suppers and similar events. Page two is a food allergy flyer developed by the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network.

The health board this handout recently. Members said the state and federal regulations are hard for the public to understand. The board said a layman's version would be useful.

The handout lays out, for example, which foods can be prepared in a home kitchen.

"In accordance with state Department of Public Health Food Protection Program guidelines and recommendations, the only foods which may be prepared in a home kitchen and served at a pot luck or similar 'open to the public' function are 'non-potentially hazardous foods,' including shelf stable baked goods, such as brownies, quick breads, rolls, cakes that do not have dairy or egg fillings or icings, and fruit pies not requiring refrigeration," the document says.

Bake sales are addressed, too.

"Bake sales are exempt from these requirements provided they are for charitable organizations and sell only shelf stable baked goods that do not require refrigeration," the handout says.

"Such events do not require a food license and shelf stable baked goods that do not require refrigeration may be prepared in private homes. Further, we recommend that the information sheet on food allergies available through the DPH website be utilized."


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