Selectman Looking for Solutions for Train Station Parking Passes

If you’ve written to the selectmen about problems concerning parking passes at the commuter rail station, don’t worry, they know.

Addressing the problem, Selectman Bill Heitin said at a recent selectmen meeting that the board are aware of the situation.

“We are reading the correspondents for parking and parking passes. We understand the concern. There’s a number of things this board and the town administration is working on to better the process. I think it’s a better process than it was originally but there’s always room for refinement,” Heitin said.

Last month, Treasurer Bill Fowler told the board that quarterly passes are sold out and parking is extremely limited for commuters looking to utilize the train.

Heitin added that there are a couple of things in the work to improve purchasing parking passes that he hopes he can announce within a month and well before the next quarterly parking pass period.

“We understand that parking at the railroad station has been a problem for a long time and I think it’s something that we have to look for a long term fix,” Heitin said. “Seems like we have to address it every 10-15 years when the community grows.”

Craig Klayman January 23, 2014 at 02:20 PM
Sharon High students are receiving parking tickets for using the boat launch parking area next to the high school. This lot carries the overflow for students needing a place to leave their cars during the day. They already pay $142 a year to park in a lot across the school that does not hold enough cars. Either the Selectmen or Parks and Rec. should have figured out that people are not launching boats in the winter. Come on selectmen this is a no brainer, do something. The parking fee would more than cover any snow removal.
Just Me! January 24, 2014 at 10:48 AM
Try taking "The School Bus".....In my day, the only cars allowed to park over at Ames Street was the Seniors. Seems to me that there has never been "Legal" parking at the Boat launch, however heads were always turned and students allowed to park there. Also seems to me that maybe asking the town if it's OK to park there would be a better approach than just doing what you feel like doing then whining about it after the town gets fed up with it all. Regulations are in effect and would need to be changed rather than crying and whining about it after the fact! I saw the cars parked every which way that day. Parked out in the middle of the roadway, parked in the wrong direction, in other words, illegally parked even if permission was given! If there is an overflow in the winter, where is the overflow in the fall and spring going? Maybe address that situation as well!! Bottom line is this is a lesson in life at to how the politics in a town works. Everyone effected should form a committee, make an appointment to see the selectman and make you case, not do what you please and tell the selectman that "it's a no brainer"....that is disrespectful and will get you nowhere.....


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