Residents Weigh in on Obama-Romney Debate

Thoughts from residents in Canton and Stoughton on Wednesday's debate.

Voters from Canton and Stoughton weighed in on Wednesday's debate between Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama at Centerfields Bar and Grill in Canton.

The event was hosted by the Stoughton Democratic Town Committee, though many others from surrounding towns participated in Wednesday night's event, which was open to voters from Sharon, Canton and Stoughton.

"The President was confident, cool, calm and collected because that's what happens when you have a strong belief in your convictions," said Beverly Ritz of Canton, who wore a button that read, "Nurses for Obama."

"I don't speak for all nurses, I speak for myself, I am concerned about the health care issue," Ritz said. "I don't believe Romney, I just don't trust him."

Added Canton Attorney Ellen Meagher, "The debate is what I expected. I do think that Romney is coming across well but he's talking in circles. He says he's going to do this and he's going to do that but he's not saying how he's going to do anything. A voucher system in health care will kill people. If people have to chose to seek treatment they'll procrastinate or not get treated at all."

Voters from Stoughton also weighed in on the debate. 

"This is the most important election we've seen in 50 years," said John Kavin, co-chair of the Stoughton Democratic Committee. "It's a choice for America to see if the American Dream is still alive. The Lyon-Romney plan would devastate anyone's ability to be upwardly mobile as well as devastate the infulstructure. Hoover Dam wasn't built by private industry."

Many in the group agreed that a Romney win would be a disaster for the middle class.

"Obama has done so much that most people don't even realize," said Jackie Benson-Jones of Stoughton, who believes that Obama is going to win. "In Massachusetts alone, because of the Stimulus, we have four new health care facilities. One of which is in Mattapan. Mattapan hasn't had a pharmacy for more than 30 years. Now they have a CVS and a Citizens Bank thanks to President Obama."

Added Steve Wilkinson of Stoughton, "Why should we believe in Romney? When Romney was running for office in Massachusetts he was supportive on gay rights. Then when he was elected Governor of the Stste he fought tooth and nail against equal marriage. He's lost his credibility. In another case he was at one point in favor of gun control and now hes against what he first said."

Paul Lauenstein October 04, 2012 at 03:34 PM
It's hard to argue with a weathervane like Romney, who changes his message daily to suit the situation, and plays fast and loose with the numbers when it comes to his economic plan.
Amy Nachbar October 04, 2012 at 04:11 PM
Thank you for your feedback Paul.


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