Why Did the Cop Help the Turtle Cross the Road?

The turtle probably wasn't getting across quickly enough.

Sharon lieutenant John Ford. Credit: Sharon police Facebook page
Sharon lieutenant John Ford. Credit: Sharon police Facebook page
Because, presumably this Sharon lieutenant is a nice guy, and an officer committed to helping man, beast and turtle. 

As posted on the Sharon PD's Facebook page, Lieutenant John Ford assisted a turtle to safety on Wednesday when he saw it in the middle of the road on Moosehill Parkway. 

Kurt Buermann June 11, 2014 at 07:35 PM
Motorists Heed! This time of year is one of turtle movement as they venture out to egg-laying spots. Try to be vigilant when travelling roads alongside streams and wetlands. If you should try to help the turtle across a roadway, be sure to put him on the side to which he was headed. With snappers the best thing is to use a stick or shovel to push them along. Sometimes you can get them to follow a stick by holding it close to their head. Many opinions of how to pick them up. Do not use tail, unless they are very small. Better to bundle in a coat or blanket. Get them in by having them walk across it ppread out.


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