Boat Capsizes on Lake Massapoag

Crews were reportedly performing a water rescue.

File photo.
File photo.
First responders were reportedly performing a water rescue on Lake Massapoag after a boat capsized Monday afternoon.

The incident was reported at about 1 p.m. One person was in the water after a boat capsized about 100 yards from shore.

Stay tuned for updates.
Todd Arnold May 13, 2014 at 06:47 AM
I had the opportunity earlier today to watch the Sharon Fire Department execute a water rescue on the south side of Lake Massapoag. About 100 yards or so off the South Shore (Community Center Beach) of The Lake, a sailboat took on water, capsized throwing it’s occupant from her and drifting with the currents of the prevailing wind Sharon FD was on scene within minuets and in my opinion, executed this rescue in what might be considered textbook manner. I saw a sense of urgency from the time the call went out, from the crew responsible for launching the rescue craft, and the Firefighters involved in the rescue. The Twist to this rescue was the belligerence of the victim towards the Firefighters complicating this rescue. After getting to the scene and evaluating the situation it seemed as though the Firefighters shifted gears and adapted to the situation. I don’t know exactly what was said, but you could hear the victim SCREAMING at the Firefighters and the Firefighters defusing the situation. Apparently the victim was more interested in the well being of his craft rather than his own well being. The FD accommodated his needs and assisted in towing his craft and escorting him as he swam the 100 yards or so to shore. Why he didn’t accept the ride on the jet ski, you’ll have to ask the boat owner. All in all a job well done by the Sharon FD cudos to all for a great team effort.
SharonScanner May 13, 2014 at 12:38 PM
Here is some footage from the water rescue: http://youtu.be/fDqISphUDGA


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