Sharon Deputy Chief of Police J. J. McGrath Readies for Retirement

With his retirement approaching on Jan. 4, Deputy Chief of Police  J. J. McGrath has submitted the following:

My official date of retirement from the Sharon Police Department is quickly approaching. I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the citizens of Sharon for allowing me the opportunity to serve my hometown for more than twenty eight years in the profession I dearly love. I will depart with a true sense of pride in knowing I gave one hundred percent in my efforts to make Sharon a safer place to live.  You deserved nothing less. I had the honor to serve with the finest in the police profession, the men and women of the Sharon Police Department.  Over the years working side by side with them, I witnessed great courage, sacrifice, compassion, sorrow and joy.  They are truly a special breed and I will miss them. I made many friends among the citizens, town employees, business owners and workers of Sharon and look forward to continuing those friendships. Working in Sharon, living in Sharon and raising our family here was a great blessing. My wife Kathleen and I could not have asked for more. Though retiring as Deputy Chief of Police, I am confident I will find new ways to serve this community. I have had a magnificent career. It has been an honor and privilege to protect and serve you.

Deputy Chief of Police  J. J. McGrath


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