Sharon School Superintendent Plans Records Donation To Historical Society

Dunham seeks permission from Sharon students from 1951 and earlier.

To the Editor:

Before I retire in June, I am donating bricks for the high school wall that will contain the names of all the Sharon School Superintendents going back to 1800s. I have 22 names to date and am verifying years of service.

Margaret Marder is working with me on this project to get it done in a timely fashion.

In the process, I have become very interested in the history of the schools.  I have uncovered old school records (1951 and prior) for students who were in grades K-12 in Sharon. They were located in a store room at the middle Sschool and these records consist of student names, attendance, address, birthdate, and parents' names and address.

I will announce at the next school committee meeting that I would like to release this information to the .

The records being released are 60 years old or older (i.e. 1951 and prior) and they would have great value to anyone doing a genealogical search.

State regs ask that I notify anyone whose names may be in those records to notify me in writing if they object to their release.

I need to ask anyone whose names might be in the records and who might object to the release of their names, attendance, address, birthdate, and parents names and address or other directory type of information to notify me in writing on or before June 15.

After that date, I will release of this information to the Sharon Historical Society. This would constitute a public notice. I have also sent this to the Norma Fitzgerald for inclusion in her newsletter to the Council on Aging.

Other information to be released includes scrapbooks kept by Superintendent Page from 1933-1938. Thes scrapbooks include news clippings, high school yearbooks, school budgets, and great historical data about the schools and their operation during that time.

Dr. Barbara Dunham

Superintendent of Schools

david g. nelson May 07, 2011 at 03:10 PM
What a wonderful treasure trove and a welcome addition to the Society's archives. I will include this in the Sharon Historical Society's newsletter to ask our members, some of whom might be included in this group. David Nelson
Pam Delaney May 07, 2011 at 06:56 PM
What a great idea....how about something to pass along to classes...I have an e/m list for the Class of 1977 Pam Mahoney Delaney


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