ROUNDUP: Sharon Streets in Need of Repair

Do you agree that these roads discussed are in need of repair?

Earlier this week, we asked residents in Sharon the most.

With two Sharon Patch readers weighing, the main consensus was in regards to the areas of Lakeview and Morse Streets, as well as Cottage Street.

Vera Jordan, for one, said that Lakeview and Morse Streets need to be finished.

"Only the end portions have been done," she commented. "These roads are utilized by many cyclists, runners and walkers and should be in top notch conditions to avoid injury."

Added Elaine Goldstein, "Parts of the sidewalk on Cottage Street heading towards Billing Street are dangerous to walk on. The sidewalk is not even and many tree roots have grown through the old sidewalk. You need to look down as you are walking along so that you won't have an accident.

Do you agree? Should these roads be tended to soon? Or are there other roads in Sharon not being discussed here?


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