Sharon Residents Mixed on How Town Responded to Blizzard

Readers responded on Facebook with their assessment of how officials in Sharon responded to the storm.

It's been a few days since the Blizzard of 2013 wound down, but we wanted to get an idea from the view of residents in Sharon how the town responded to the storm. 

On the Sharon Patch Facebook Page, we asked, for input as to how Sharon responded to the storm and for readers to grade the town's efforts on cleanup. Here's how some readers responded:

  • Mickey Murray Hughes: They did a great job on the main roads, they prepped with salt and stayed ahead of things! Good Job!
  • Jess Weiss: The job on secondary roads and school prep was horrible. More than annoyed that there were no plows today and schools are closed tomorrow.
  • Pam Lipman: They did a great job in my neighborhood and the main roads too.
  • Amy Yunes: Bay Road was snow covered. Is that shared by Sharon and Stoughton, because neither did it.

What do you think? How did Sharon respond to the storm? Were your roads plowed to your liking?

Serves You Right February 12, 2013 at 12:37 PM
I suppose there is just so much a DPW can do in a storm situation like this. We were lucky not to have major power outages in town, usually devastated by downed trees and wires. As far as snow removal goes. It has been sketchy over the last decade or so. The town contracts out snow removal and honestly...it's the contractors that plow, you know, the ones that really don't care about anything but getting their checks rather than doing a good job. Remember the old days in town..when the DPW was where the police station is now, they would have all the plow blades lines up in front of the garage signaling that there was a storm on the way? Those days are long gone, compound that with the fact the storm was on the weekend, seemed like there weren't as many plows out there, there truly is no excuse as to why all the towns main roads and secondary roads shouldn't at least have been kept up, you'd have to consult with the DPW heads on that one, it be interesting to see what they say.


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