Flipped Vehicle Sends Two to the Hospital, More News From Around the Region

A roundup of local headlines for the week of Feb. 24.


Two Hospitalized After Car Flipped on South Walpole Street

Two men were hospitalized Thursday morning after their car flipped and landed on its roof on South Walpole Street in Sharon.

According to Sharon Deputy Fire Chief Richard Murphy, the vehicle hit "a tree, a rock, a big tree and landed on it’s roof.”

One of the men was taken to the Rhode Island Trauma Center in Providence. A medical helicopter was called out and then cancelled due to the weather.


Walpole High Student Group Lobbying Against Surveillance Cameras in Hallways

A student group has formed at Walpole High School who are against a proposed Town Meeting article that would see surveillance cameras installed in the hallways of the town's public schools.

Senior Kevin Delaney started Students Opposing Surveillance (SOS) which has been circulating a petition around the high school to be presented to the school committee.

Delaney believes that surveilling students in the hallways at school is a violation of "students' civil liberties."

The article calls for about $36,000 to install cameras on the inside and outside of the high school. It will cost another $86,500 to do the same at the rest of Walpole's public schools.


Heirloom Kitchen Wants to Bring Back Family Dinners

When Gerald Coakley was working full-time as a lawyer, it was difficult for Coakley and his wife to make a meal with a busy work schedule.  That's when he decided to pursue Heirloom Kitchen.

"When my wife and I had two kids it was very hard to get a good healthy meal on the table. And I was checking to see if there was anything like this- and there wasn't," Coakley said. "This is something that I wished existed."


Governor Patrick Discusses Taxes and Job Growth to the Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce

Governor Deval Patrick spoke to the Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday to discuss economic opportunities and job growth.

And with the sequester on the minds of many business owners, Governor Patrick believed that it was still too early to tell what can happen in Massachusetts.

"The question is if it that does happen, will it happen right away? Or at the next fiscal year? We don't know," he said.


PHOTOS: A Community Purim Celebration hosted by the Canton Chai Center

“Purim in the Shtetl” was this year’s theme for the Purim celebration sponsored by the Canton Chai Center in Canton.

Every year on the 14th of the Hebrew month of Adar, the festival of Purim, which means "lots", is celebrated. This year, it began after sundown on Saturday, Feb 23. and ended at nightfall on Sunday, Feb. 24. 


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