Shop Locally in the Sharon Area on Small Business Saturday on Nov. 24

Start your holiday shopping at locally owned stores during Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday is on Nov. 24 this year, two days after Thanksgiving. It is a day for everyone to support the small businesses that their community thrives on.

American Express founded the day in 2010 to help small businesses get exposure during the holiday season, when they might be otherwise overlooked. With retailers buzzing around the holidays, it is important to support local small businesses that rely on their neighbors in order to continue prospering and building the local economy in Sharon.

"It's the small merchant who provides the specialized, personalized service the Big Box dealers cannot," said Merry Cutler, owner of Annie's Book Stop in Sharon. "The Big Boxes have, indeed, more stock, and, most likely, lower prices. And those lower prices are based on the volume they buy from the distributors and manufacturers. They are awarded a larger discount than the local merchants are offered." 

Cutler added, "The service is usually better, the lines are seldom more than one person long, the parking is generally better/closer. For those with mobility problems, there aren't miles of aisles to negotiate, and many times the merchant will happily go fetch the needed items personally for one who has problems. We have one lady who comes in, sits in one of our chairs, and hands me her list of books. I am more than happy to find them and deliver them to her seat, and wait while she peruses and chooses what she wants. Then I carry them to the register, ring them up, bag them, collect her payment and deliver change and books to her, and even hold our rather heavy door for her."

Last year, 100 million people nationwide participated in Small Business Saturday by shopping at locally owned stores to help boost the economy and their communities.

Below is a list of venues that qualify for participation on Small Business Saturday (to find more, click here):

  • Coriander Bistro
  • French Memories
  • Pizzigando Cafe
  • Hefez and Sons
  • Mangia Trattoria and Pizzeria
  • Sweethearts Three
  • Kenneth Berman Photography
  • Rhythm and Flow Pilates

You can also “like” Small Business Saturday on Facebook by visiting www.facebook.com/shopsmall.

Everyone has locally owned businesses in their community, and shopping on Small Business Saturday is the perfect way to give back to the businesses you know and love in your community.

"The small merchant can greet you with a friendly smile, help you locate whatever you need, recommend another product you might like/enjoy, and, sometimes, even remember what you bought the last time," Cutler said. "That's impossible for the Big Guys. They have too many faceless, nameless customers moving in and out daily, and too great a turnover in employees to keep track of customers' past purchases."

TELL US: What small businesses do you patronize in the Sharon area and what makes them great? Share in the comments below. 


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