Sharon's Sweethearts Three Overflows With Homemade Candies

Who is your sweetheart? What is your sweet tooth? You can satisfy both with treats from this local shop in Sharon.

With Valentines Day just around the corner, Sweethearts Three, owned by Karen Schwab, is a busy place.

The Sharon chocolate shop which specializes in hand made chocolates with the finest of ingredients opened in 1981 in Chestnut Hill. In 2004 the shop moved to Sharon and is run by Karen Schwab and her daughter Jill Schwab.

Sharon Patch spoke with Jill Schwab to find out more about this family business.

Sharon Patch: What is Sweethearts Three Confections and when did the business open?

Jill Schwab: Sweethearts Three Confections is a family-owned business that opened in 1981 in Chestnut Hill. In 2004, we relocated to Sharon. We produce handmade chocolates for any occasion: weddings, anniversary or birthday parties, bridal or baby showers, bar/bat mitzvahs, hostess gifts, corporate gifts.  If you’re craving locally produced, quality chocolates, we are the shop to call.

Sharon Patch: How is Sweethearts Three different from other chocolate companies?

Jill Schwab: At Sweethearts Three, we use the finest ingredients and produce chocolate varieties in small batches to ensure the absolute freshness of our candy. We do not pre-box our candy so customers can select exactly the varieties they want.

One of our specialties is creating unique chocolates for any type of event. We work closely with event planners or directly with customers to figure out the best way to incorporate candy into their party, whether through the use of themed-candy, table chocolates, candy bars, party favors or all of these. We have thousands of novelty molds that enable us to find something to work with most party themes. For example, we recently produced chocolate camel party favors for an event with an “Arabian Nights” theme. Also, we incorporated a chocolate flip-flop in the center of a plate of table chocolates for a beach-themed party. 

Sharon Patch: Do you have any seasonal specialties you’d like to tell us about?

Jill Schwab: We are currently producing our Valentine’s Day chocolates. We have some unique gifts for this holiday such as edible chocolate heart boxes that are filled with our handmade assorted chocolates; designer truffles with beautiful cocoa butter designs on the outside and smooth, chocolaty ganache on the inside; edible chocolate puzzles that spell out “I love you” in the shape of a heart when assembled. This year, these Valentine’s Day gifts and many others can be ordered online at www.sweetheartsthree.com and sent directly to your sweetheart.

Next month, we begin producing our exclusive line of Kosher for Passover chocolates. Sweethearts Three is the only chocolate shop in the Boston area that produces handmade, kosher for Passover chocolates in many delicious varieties. Due to high customer demand, we will be offering our edible chocolate Seder plate again this year, which is a ten-inch round solid chocolate plate piled high with dipped fruits and nuts, dipped macaroons, truffles, fruit kugel (chocolate fruit bark) and more. We have customers from all over the country who have made our chocolates part of their Passover tradition. Our Passover chocolates are also available for purchase on our website.

Sharon Patch: What are the most popular items you sell?

Jill Schwab: We definitely sell more dark chocolate than milk or white chocolate. We use Barry Callebaut non-dairy dark chocolate for our dark chocolate treats: it has a complex flavor and is rich and bittersweet without tasting too “dark”. I would say our most popular items are our hand-dipped jumbo cashews, our designer chocolate truffles and our signature gift item, the edible chocolate basket filled with assorted handmade chocolates.

Sharon Patch: Where are you located and what are your hours

Jill Schwab: Our retail shop and production facility are located at 24 Pond Street in Sharon, in the row of shops behind Bank of America. Our general hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am until 2 pm and we are not open during the weekend. For January and early February, our hours are more limited (9 a.m. until 2 p.m., Wednesday through Friday) but it is best to call first before visiting the shop. Our phone number is 781-784-5193. Even though our store hours are not extensive, we are quick to respond to phone and email messages.

For more information visit their website: Sweetheartsthree.com


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