Business Q&A: Local Photographer John Souza

Souza is here, there and everywhere, ready to take portraits of various kinds in Sharon, Canton and beyond.

Our business spotlight this week focuses on John Souza Photography.

Souza been photographing kids and families for years; his experience includes family shoots, students photos, school events and more.

Sharon Patch met with Souza to talk about his artistic career as a photographer in Sharon, Canton and around the area.

Sharon Patch: How long have you been doing photography?

John Souza: I’ve had the pleasure of photographing people professionally for the past 22 years.

Sharon Patch: What did you do before you became a photographer?

Souza: I left a 12-year career in the hotel and restaurant business in pursuit of something more gratifying. After some soul searching I decided upon the photographic industry and I have not regretted a moment since. It took a good five years and lots of film (yes film) before I could see some appreciable return for my efforts. Back in the day it was mostly weddings, which is where I met my wife of 18 years, Monique. She was the makeup artist, who caught my eye, come to find out she went home and told her mother later that same day, “she met the guy who she would marry".

Sharon Patch: Did you and your wife ever work together?

Souza: In time we would cover a few assignments together and share office space in Canton center. After a while it became clear we would need more operating space. The acquisition of 19th century carriage house nine years ago has provided a unique backdrop for the photography business. I have been able to accommodate those who are seeking a professional environment that offers many creative opportunities.

Sharon Patch: I would imagine you have had the opportunity to photograph many exciting clients. Any in particular?

Souza: Domain Furniture Company owned by Judy George was a client of ours.  They would back the furniture trucks up to the ramp and we would create an entire scene for their catalog which was very exciting. Today our clientele is a balance of expecting mothers, children, families, high school seniors, corporate, commercial and social events.

Sharon Patch: You are well known in Canton and Sharon for your Senior Portraits. Tell us about them.

Souza: High school seniors are able to enjoy endless creative options here at the studio on Washington Street in Canton. We will even take a trip to the beach at no extra cost and provide services from beginning to end including design consultation, photo session, artwork, framing, delivery and or hanging of the finished product.

These timeless treasures typically adorn a predominant place in people’s homes. The family portrait will eventually become a family heirloom to be enjoyed for generations to come. The family today is challenged by so many outside forces, so few of us even have the time to sit down for a family meal. We need to celebrate family, it’s the backbone of our society, and a family portrait brings the family together forever.

A concerned grandmother called us one day about her daughter’s family, who was planning on moving away, the portrait we created helped bridge the gap for her. More recently, a call came from a woman whose husband is terminally ill; time was of the essence, so the portrait would be created in their home. It’s easy to take our togetherness for granted, until threatened with separation. It’s a privilege and an honor to work with people in this capacity; I thank God everyday for the opportunity.

For more information on John Souza Photography, contact john@souzaphoto.com or call 781-828-8788.


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