(VIDEO) Sharon Girl Scouts Celebrate Scouting's 100th at Day Camp

Scouts earn anniversary patches.

celebrated a milestone today by going to a day camp.

Earning a 100th Anniversary Patch was the scouts' mission during their trip to the .

Today's "Passport to Fun" event at Everwood was the latest way that Sharon Girl Scouts celebrated the Girl Scouts of the USA's milestone.

Throughout March, , which had Sharon Girl Scout artifacts displayed in tribute throughout March, which was national Girl Scout Month.

Today, at Everwood, scouts visited nine tables, each featuring a special activity or history lesson.

The scouts started at the SWAPS station, where they made and traded SWAPS (Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere). The scouts finished at the Media Journey to 100 Words table, where they chose a word.

Among the other activities were the HulaHoopalooza station; the American Sign Language table; and the History of Girl Scout Cookies table, where they named their favorite Girl Scout cookie.


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