The Lakeside Gallery to Present 'Memories and Dreams'

The works of Artist, Brigitte McArdle will be available as part of the gallery.

The Lakeside Gallery on Lake Massapoag in Sharon is getting ready to present "Memories & Dreams" showcasing the works of Artist Brigitte McArdle.

The opening reception for "Memories and Dreams" will take place Wednesday, Oct. 17, from 7-9 p.m. at the Lakeside Gallery and will run through November 30, 2012.

This is the first time McArdle will be exhibiting her extraordinary work. This would not be unusual since the gallery often exhibits the work of up and coming Sharon artists, but McArdle is 89 and has been painting since she was a young girl in Germany.

McArdle has had a love for making pictures as far back as she can remember being able to hold a pencil. Her father took her with him to the art materials store where he bought paints and art supplies. He liked to paint over line drawings in fairytale books and she was always in awe of the transformations. 

Later in school, art was the star subject for McArdle and in the last year of high school, her art teacher encouraged her by saying, “Girl, if you want art to be your life, I would tell you that YOU CAN.” She carried that with her until she finally got into art school.

The school was the "Lette Society" in Berlin, Germany. She graduated in 1944 after six semesters of graphics and illustration. Her parents lived in Frankfurt/Oder at the end of World War II and were forced to move to Hessia, near the city of Kassel that had an old and well regarded Academy of Fine Arts. It was totally destroyed by bombings in the last weeks of the war.

McArdle inquired and found that attempts were being made to start up the school again. She enrolled in 1948 and spent four years there in open-ended studies. She came to the US in 1955 and has been a resident of Sharon since 1957.

Later she took extended instruction at the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln,MA for calligraphy and at Wheaton College in Norton, MA for etching.
McArdle began exploring acrylics in 1970’s and soon left all other paints behind. She loves the versatility and uninterrupted workflow of the acrylic work-process and finds it so satisfying. Her themes are memories and dreams which are like stories that haven't reached print.

McArdle is passionate about her work and continues to be inspired. Please come, meet Brigitte McArdle, and celebrate her life’s work.

Lakeside Gallery at the Sharon Adult Center hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday-Wednesday, Thursday until closing at 8 p.m., and Friday until noon. Other evenings by appointment. For more info call 781-784-8000. The Craft Corner will be open during the reception.


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