Film Screening in Sharon Leaps Over Tall Buildings

One Book, One Town hosts screening and discussion of 'King Kong.'

Readers of Sharon's One Book, One Town selection, about two comic book creators, leapt into a discussion of tall buildings today.

The history of skyscrapers, most notably the Empire State Building, was the backdrop for a screening of "King Kong" in the Cynthia B. Fox Community Room.

The evet was the first on the One Book, One Town 2012: Sharon Reads Together calendar.

Sharon is reading by Michael Chabon.

Library Director Barbra Nadler said she chose "King Kong" for a screening discussion for its Empire State Building link to the book.

"Kavalier lives in the building, and King Kong climbs the building," she said.

Wheaton College Associate Professor of Film Studies and English Josh Stenger discussed the tallest buildings of the early 20th century, including Park Row and the Singer Building, providing the most detail about the Empire State Building.

"The person who oversaw this (the Empire State Building) has this great quote about how building a skyscraper is the closest you come to in a time of peace to waging a war, in terms of the organizational burden of making this work," Stenger said.

"He was committed to coming in on schedule and on budget, if not before and under.

"The system that allowed them to build this so quickly is astonishing. They had the steel poured at a foundry outside of Pittsburgh. They had a dedicated train rail bringing steel to the Hudson River in New Jersey, where it was loaded onto a barge. The only thing this barge did was go back and forth across the river carrying steel to a set of flatbed trucks that would then, with a police escort, drive to the construction site.

Next up for One Book, One Town is the first Sharon Comic Con, from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at the library.

Devin Quin, and Building 19 cartoonist Mat Brown will discuss comic book history and art. There also will be comic book displays, including some from Sharon Patch Editor Michael Gelbwasser's collection. Fans are invited to bring their own comics to share and discuss.


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