Life is Good founding member: Bert Jacobs

An interview with Bert

Life is Good started in the back of a truck with Bert and his brother John Jacobs, selling tee shirts on the streets of Boston in 1989.

The guys would gather friends around to toss ideas and get opinions on their creative work. One drawing of the charater now known as Jake recieved the most attention. Jake was born and he was smiling because 'Life was Good'.

The company has expanded and so has the Life is Good Festival. Bert Rubin said, "The first festival in 2003 was a Pumpkin Festival. Then it was in Fenway Park. Music has always been apart of the fetival, it's sustainable. We've now grown from having 2 or 3 bands to having 20 or more. I believe it is the best builder of community".

Watch for Life is Good Festival photo gallery tomorrow. 


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